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Poet Spotlight: NuEra Sunshine [she/her/hers]

Poet Spotlight: NuEra Sunshine [she/her/her]

Overexposed author photo of NuEra Sunshine who is a Black female wearing glasses and a multicolor hoodie

Artist Biography: NuEra Sunshine is an artist and host, born and raised in Detroit. Her poetry is a love letter to the vulnerabilities of self love, mental health, motherhood, sexuality, and being a hopeless romantic in a shitty, but beautiful world. NuEra writes for personal therapy and to inspire those who may feel alone to build a resilient community through artistic expression and connection.

Instagram: @thepoetnuerasunshine Facebook: NuEra Sunshine

Spotlight Transcript

Co-Executive Director and Program Facilitator, Dom Witten, interviews today's Poet Spotlight, NuEra Sunshine

Dom: How would you describe your creative process?

NuEra: My process is almost completely random. Sometimes I'm woken out of my sleep and I can't go back to sleep until I've gotten whatever is on my soul/ mind out and it just flows. Sometimes, especially on the darker, heavy hearted pieces, I have to write in spurts; sometimes it just takes longer to process. I've got drafts from over a year ago. With any emotion/topic, I write any time and any place. You'll find pieces in my notes on my phone, on messenger, texted to myself, little hand written notes. It's gotta be captured while I'm thinking about it, in the safest place possible.

Dom: How do you see the multiple ways to love showing up in your work (self, body, motherhood, family, significant others etc)? 

NuEra: God, it's everywhere! Sharing my work in general is sharing that love in all forms. I write to process my feelings and get them out. I write as honest and as full as I can to show myself and others that I am perfectly imperfect. I never want anybody to put me on this pedestal of having it all together or having all the answers. I'm learning and growing just like everyone else.

Dom: When you're hosting events such as Flowers Open-Mic Series or artists game nights, how do you build community in these spaces? 

NuEra: I'm just myself. I LOVE people. I love being able to bring people together and create true, safe spaces. I want everyone that I encounter to know that they mean something beyond their labels or titles. Everytime, I leave feeling refreshed and I want that same renewal for everyone else. Let's be free together!

Dom: What are you excited about in your work lately?

NuEra: I'm just really excited to share it and I'm so thankful to have an authentic publisher. Intersectional Press has really pushed me to create and protect my work and have made me feel safe and heard. I can't wait to do more; already gathering/editing pieces for my next collection!

Interview Published: 06/11/2024

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