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tPL Open Mic Event at the Nucleus.HEIC

About the Poetics Lab

Our Mission

the Poetics Lab facilitates inclusive spaces for communities to engage with identity through poetry and performance of the self

Inclusive Spaces

Performance of the Self

Defining Our Mission

The driving tones underneath all conversations have to be respect and acceptance while acknowledging that we all come to the space with our own histories and definitions of each. Though our understanding of respect and acceptance may evolve, the space and those involved must remain active in challenging biases and discriminatory behaviors. An inclusive space does not promise that no harm will take place, rather it promotes teachable moments and restorative practices.

A presentation of one’s self-image in response to internal and external circumstances. Performance of the Self both includes and emphasizes the idea that we, as human beings, show up to certain spaces in different ways--each representing an aspect of how we perceive society’s reaction to our intersectional identities. 

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