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Identity, Performance and Poetry

Below is a showcase of the projects that Dom and Mitchel have executed starting in 2017. These projects range in theme from the poetry club they instituted through their partnership with Lloyd Scholars for Writing and the Arts to an experimental theatrical poetry performance they wrote, built and directed. All of these projects had a similar goal of inviting the communities to engage with them through the lens of identity construction, performance poetry and self exploration. Their projects allowed the public to learn more about different identities, Dom being a black woman and Mitchel being a gay man, and gave both of them an outlet to express, question and reinforce facets of their personal and social identities. It is for this honest introspection and gathering places of stunning intellectuals that they continue their work with people across various identities.



Performance in Poetry Club was founded in 2017 by Dom and Mitchel through Lloyd Scholars for Writing and the Arts (LSWA) aimed at introducing first year students to performance poetry. Each week students were given a poem to analyze and model any intriguing facets they saw in the poem. Dom focused more on performance and narrative poetry, while Mitchel focused more on what can be done on the page and form. Together, they encouraged students to create original work and to perform it in front on their peers at the end of each semester. The club still lives on at LSWA under new leadership.

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