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Our goal is to make sure our program is accessible to all who want to participate. Part of this accessibility is to make our program free. Between facilitator costs, safety requirements, program materials and space fees, the Poetics Lab needs your help to make this goal a reality.


We have been hosting and will be continuing our monthly Poetry Open-Mic nights along with launching new programming. To keep our momentum moving forward, we need your help. 

Any Amount Helps

Venmo: tPoeticsLab

Order the Community Chapbook Vol. 2

Order your Copy of the Community Chapbook Vol.2 today!

the Community Chapbook Vol. 2 is FREE! the Poetics Lab is happy to provide this beautiful community-based piece of art for our family and community. As a piece of our mission, we believe in making the collection financially accessible to everyone, so printing of the first batch has been graciously covered by local businesses. We just ask that, IF ABLE, you provide a minimum donation of $15.00 when you order your copy to assist with shipping and future batch printing. Thank you to everyone who has donated towards our Community Chapbook so far!

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